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The challenge

In 2016, we were invited by Unithai – one of the largest shipyards in Asia – to develop a bespoke software answer to one of their most pressing questions.

With oil and gas fabrication their core business offering, Unithai’s Offshore Fabrication Division (OFD) identified a need for a Virtual Fabrication Database (VFD) to manage and oversee traceability information across the entire process – from engineering drawings to commissioning.

An in-house trial of a VFD prototype made it clear to Unithai that the solution would not be found internally, on account of the scale of resources required to create a stable and reliable system which would meet and fully reflect the aspirations of the VFD concept.

Unithai began investigating external solutions, looking to the global market to seek a system that would complement and align closely with their VFD concept. Extensive research and stringent comparisons to similar software offerings revealed that MatriX-EPS stood head and shoulders above its peers. It was selected as the best solution to realise Unithai’s aspirations for its VFD.


Heading up the VFD initiative is Pradeep Kumar Sharma, a recognised expert in quality control in the oil and gas fabrication sector. Working closely with the MatriX-EPS development team in Scotland, Pradeep was able to deploy the MatriX-EPS system within Unithai.

Pinnacle staff and Pradeep then moved on to the next step – the on-site launch and orientation of the product at Unithai’s main shipyard and engineering facility, which included an intensive two-week deployment and training programme.

Shortly after this deployment period, Unithai won a contract from Thyssen Krupp to carry out a high-detail design, fabrication and off-site commission of a modular extension of an alcohol plant in Texas, operated by Oxiteno. MatriX-EPS was deemed the perfect fit, and due to the demanding timeline, Unithai identified a need for full-time, on-site consultancy support to ensure the system’s use. South Africa-based Vincent Sibiya – a senior consultant with Pinnacle - spent four months on-site, with round-the-clock assistance from the UK-based Pinnacle team.

MatriX-EPS proves its worth

Unithai has successfully integrated MatriX-EPS to execute best-practice fabrication work processes. The platform has caught the attention of the entire Unithai organisation and has won several awards. Alongside the success VFD has enjoyed – via MatriX-EPS – Pradeep Kumar Sharma has been recognised for his contribution to the organisation’s core business of fabrication. With that has come broadened responsibilities to deploy Lean and Kaizen methodologies across other Unithai departments, to bring them closer to the quality and efficiency that OFD is now known for.

As a key partner in this process, we realise that successful implementations such as these rely on us doing much more than merely selling software. Enabling a client’s efforts to improve efficiencies and project execution practices is equally fundamental.

A high-calibre client like Unithai OFD has placed the spotlight on the impact of MatriX-EPS and highlighted the value that can be added via our consultancy support services. The capabilities contained within MatriX-EPS, combined with the expertise of the Pinnacle team, means we are a front-runner in fabrication project processes consultancy. We are more than just software!



Construction & Engineering Companies Rely on MatriX

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Pradeep Kumar Sharma


Unithai has successfully integrated MatriX-EPS to execute best-practice fabrication work processes. The platform has caught the attention of the entire Unithai organisation and has won several awards.

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Suresh Ramadoss

Eversendai Offshore

Since the Pinnacle team is from a fabrication and design background, the team lead have excellent knowledge in the field of fabrication and they have tremendous understanding in the Quality, Traceability and Materials Management.

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David Hutchinson


Without a doubt, the guidance provided by Pinnacle Business Solutions was key to ensuring efficient work processes and ultimately project success for CLOV.

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