Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance
  • Ensure maintenance engineers are provided with all the right tools and equipment
  • Keep track of all tools and equipment from warehouse issue to return at end of job
  • Group and track issued and manifested items as kits
  • Inspect and certify returned kits and materials for future re-use
  • Control all costs against jobs and maximise profitability


MatriX can track all tools and equipment supplied for Asset Maintenance jobs, both internally and for customers. The system helps manage availability of the right equipment, ensures cost effective use and minimises potential duplication and waste.

Availability at a glance

Kit Assembly

Kits are defined as tools and equipment commonly used together, e.g. 2 Man Rope Kit, NDT (non-destructive test) Kit etc.

Kits can be assembled as required by selecting items from available stock or from bills of materials that require to be purchased. 

Quantities are maintained in the MatriX Warehouse Management system with up-to-date information regarding availability and is easily accessible whenever needed.

Pick lists can also be produced to assist the warehouse select the items that make up a Kit, identifying the location and quantity of the material required to satisfy the request. Where an assembled kit is not available, the requestor can check the status of issued Kits, and Kit Assembly steps can be used.

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Improve efficiency

Kit Tracking

Kits are tracked with manifests when issued to projects and are treated as single part number items on the manifest. The contents of each are also tracked individually with unique serial numbers.

The system also provides functions for inspection and certification of returned Kits and materials that may then be available for use on other jobs.

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Stay in control

Cost Management

The ability to record the full cost of Kits and items is provided based on hire charge out rates by part number.

Material may be manifested and returned many times and the system maintains a log of all items on each manifest with costs. This includes the individual cost of items comprising a Kit and the detailed cost history for all Kits and items.

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Construction & Engineering Companies Rely on MatriX

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Pradeep Kumar Sharma


Unithai has successfully integrated MatriX-EPS to execute best-practice fabrication work processes. The platform has caught the attention of the entire Unithai organisation and has won several awards.

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Suresh Ramadoss

Eversendai Offshore

Since the Pinnacle team is from a fabrication and design background, the team lead have excellent knowledge in the field of fabrication and they have tremendous understanding in the Quality, Traceability and Materials Management.

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David Hutchinson


Without a doubt, the guidance provided by Pinnacle Business Solutions was key to ensuring efficient work processes and ultimately project success for CLOV.

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