• Comprehensive information to help you successfully track and manage operations
  • Access to multi-discipline information
  • Tools for managing production and manufacturing personnel
  • No more project delays


The smart way to track and manage operations

Instant Access To Vital Information

MatriX provides facilities that help the production team manage operations during fabrication and construction. Access to critical up-to-date information from engineering, planning, procurement, material control, warehouses, and quality control is maintained and shared across all departments and readily available to the production team.

The Engineering Department will maintain all production drawings and drawing lists with latest revisions and MTO’s (material take-offs) for all disciplines. This will include piping and structural steelwork item quantities and specifications along with welding quality requirements. The MTO’s will be used to requisition materials from customers or via procurement.  Engineering will also supply MatriX with Item weights that will help Production determine handling / lifting requirements, surface areas and painting / coating requirements and man-hour estimates / budgets for fabrication and construction of piping and structural items.

The Planning Department will provide MatriX with fabrication and construction schedules. Material Control in conjunction with Procurement and the Warehouses will supply material availability information including details of delivered and inspected material / components with supporting documentation such as mill and test certificates.

The Quality Control Department will maintain weld procedures and details of welders with qualifications and expiry dates. The QC team will also record results of all inspections and this will inform Production of any required re-work.

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Tools for managing production & manufacturing

Remove Roadblocks & Project Delays

Many other useful facilities provided by MatriX for the production team include requirements for cutting of items within construction / fabrication drawings with reference to the relevant nesting drawings.

The Production management team can use MatriX to request the warehouse to issue required fabrication and construction components (drawing items) as and when they are required.

MatriX assists welding team leaders by displaying the current Production Weld Records (pre-assigned sets of welds) and allowing them to add the identity of fitters and fit-up date. After fit-up inspection, the weld details can be developed to show welder(s), weld date, procedure used and consumable used. Records can also include the identification of the particular serial number or heat-cast reference for the items being welded.

MatriX also assists pre-fabricated assembly management. Storage locations can be recorded and any movements / transportations can be controlled (e.g. for any sub-contracted treatments / processes or transfer from fabrication location to installation location).

The Production team will also use MatriX to record progress of work carried out. Punch lists that identify outstanding activities such as a closing-out line installations are provided by the system.

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Construction & Engineering Companies Rely on MatriX

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Pradeep Kumar Sharma


Unithai has successfully integrated MatriX-EPS to execute best-practice fabrication work processes. The platform has caught the attention of the entire Unithai organisation and has won several awards.

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Suresh Ramadoss

Eversendai Offshore

Since the Pinnacle team is from a fabrication and design background, the team lead have excellent knowledge in the field of fabrication and they have tremendous understanding in the Quality, Traceability and Materials Management.

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David Hutchinson


Without a doubt, the guidance provided by Pinnacle Business Solutions was key to ensuring efficient work processes and ultimately project success for CLOV.

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