Material Traceability / QC

  • Complete project visibility at your fingertips
  • Manage, control and track your materials in real-time
  • No more project delays. Early warning system enables corrective action
  • Full status and progress information maintained
  • Tools for managing quality control processes and procedures


MatriX supports all aspects of Material Traceability and Quality Control on major steel fabrication and construction projects via a modern single database multi-user platform that may be accessed locally or globally.

Materials can be assigned unique references during the material take-off process and comprehensive status and progress information maintained for all material items used throughout fabrication and construction. This enables full traceability for all items on each drawing and ensures that full material reconciliation can be performed continuously during project execution and as soon as the project is completed.

Once take-off has been undertaken for a drawing or group of drawings, pad or contingency quantities may be applied and requisitions generated from the Bill of Materials. The take-off also includes a function for the identification of welds and joint information for subsequent use in the welding and NDT testing phases.

Optimise the sequence of construction

Drawing Management & Material Allocation

Drawings are allocated a priority sequence, based on the order of construction, and the system can allocate parts that may appear on many drawings to highest priority drawings first. Various what-if scenarios can be created by revising drawing priorities and then used to optimise the sequence of construction. The system reconciles the availability of material with scheduled production requirements, and is driven by the material requirements identified in the material take-off.

Material is received against a previously generated purchase order or client reference number and comprehensive search facilities are available to provide rapid location and stock balances of any items available in stores. Items can be assigned serial numbers so specific unit items can be traced through the entire cycle. For example, structural steel will have specific test certificates / heat and cast references, and after allocation of material to work it will be necessary to know where in the structure any specific piece has been used.

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Total oversight for the duration of your project

Stock & Quality Control

All usual stock control features are included i.e. multiple warehouses, re-location of materials, automated re-ordering, stock valuations etc. The processes and the security features also include QA/QC inspection and, if required, material can be held in quarantine. Overage, Shortage & Damage (OS&D) facilities are also available. Material requests can be prepared that may then be passed onto Pick Notes for the warehouse to create Issue Notes. These facilities also cater for any material left on completion of work to be returned to stores.

Quality Control functions are also an integral part of the system. Weld and joint information is assigned during material take-off to support the progression of welding and inspection of piping and structural steelwork. All QC related items and activities are addressed including welds, repairs and re-weld details as well as fit-up, visual, radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye-penetrant examinations etc.

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Catalogue & manage important paperwork

Document Tracking As Standard

Registration of personnel and their qualifications, procedures, drawings, welds (and their processes), inspection requirements (catering for all inspection types) and inspection results through to report package generation and completion is also included. A comprehensive facility can optionally be provided for creating, cataloguing and managing weld procedure documentation including procedure qualification records, weld procedure proposals and weld procedure specifications.

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Construction & Engineering Companies Rely on MatriX

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Pradeep Kumar Sharma


Unithai has successfully integrated MatriX-EPS to execute best-practice fabrication work processes. The platform has caught the attention of the entire Unithai organisation and has won several awards.

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Suresh Ramadoss

Eversendai Offshore

Since the Pinnacle team is from a fabrication and design background, the team lead have excellent knowledge in the field of fabrication and they have tremendous understanding in the Quality, Traceability and Materials Management.

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David Hutchinson


Without a doubt, the guidance provided by Pinnacle Business Solutions was key to ensuring efficient work processes and ultimately project success for CLOV.

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