• Effective materials management and control across the complete supply chain and procurement cycle
  • Real-time information at your fingertips
  • Manage submissions from vendors to ensure you are always getting the best price
  • Automatic focus on project critical items
  • Automatic approval channels


MatriX provides effective materials management and control across the complete supply chain and procurement cycle. All standard facilities are provided - requisitions, purchase orders, vendor agreements, expediting, goods receiving, accounts payable, parts catalogue, vendor management etc. A number of significant additional facilities are also provided that differentiate MatriX and place it ahead of the competition.

Keep close track of custom manufactured items

Procurement Plan

Many critical items of equipment need to be specially manufactured and may have significant lead times that must be carefully monitored to ensure compliance with project and production schedules. The MatriX Procurement Plan facility is used to define and set measurable targets and milestones for manufacturer and vendor supply of major items of project material and equipment. Plan dates are entered against milestones based on duration and required on site dates. As procurement progresses, actual dates are entered and the subsequent forecast date for each milestone is updated to allow monitoring of actual versus planned progress. This ensures that the procurement process runs as smoothly as possible by providing advance warning of any potential delivery delays of critical items that could impact the fabrication and construction schedule.

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Streamline the quotation & tender process

Track & Manage RFQs & IFBs

MatriX streamlines the quotation and tender process and helps gain the best prices from vendors. The system assists with the creation, issue, tracking and subsequent comparison of Requests for Quotation and Invitations to Tender. Vendors can submit their prices, delivery dates and other relevant details directly into MatriX. Tender responses can be automatically compared and preferred suppliers selected.

A review of purchase costs for the same part on past purchase orders is easily obtained. 

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Reduce costs & minimise repetitive requisitioning processing

Automated Requisitions

The procurement module includes simple but comprehensive requisitioning facilities that streamline and reduce approval cycle times. Requisitions may be input directly or generated from material take-offs. Approval routes (workflow) can be set to suit the type and priority of the material or service being requisitioned as well as client and project requirements. 

Vendor Agreements or Blanket Orders cover repetitive purchases from selected suppliers, normally over an agreed time period. Vendor Agreements will specify the supplier, materials and/or services, the delivery schedule, the pricing, quantities and other terms and conditions. When items are required, they can be "called-off" and a purchase order is created and subsequently processed in the normal manner. Blanket orders simplify and expedite the purchasing process and reduce the number of purchase orders. With pre-agreed contractual prices, budgets and forecasts are stabilised and project costs and forecasts made more accurate. They work as a cost reduction and profit improvement tool for both suppliers and customers.

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Construction & Engineering Companies Rely on MatriX

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Pradeep Kumar Sharma


Unithai has successfully integrated MatriX-EPS to execute best-practice fabrication work processes. The platform has caught the attention of the entire Unithai organisation and has won several awards.

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Suresh Ramadoss

Eversendai Offshore

Since the Pinnacle team is from a fabrication and design background, the team lead have excellent knowledge in the field of fabrication and they have tremendous understanding in the Quality, Traceability and Materials Management.

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David Hutchinson


Without a doubt, the guidance provided by Pinnacle Business Solutions was key to ensuring efficient work processes and ultimately project success for CLOV.

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